Athlete Profile: Ish Lopez

Tell us about yourself.

I go by Ish. I am 38 years old, father of 3 wonderful girls, Layla (7), Aliya (5) and Imani (2). I was born and raised in Miami, Fl. I have been married for 9 years to Amal (she is not a fan of functional fitness…I’ve have been trying for years). We are a dual-military house-hold, Air Force and Marines. When I am not in the gym, I am playing with my girls, running or working on my photography.



What interested you in functional fitness?

What drew me into functional fitness many years ago was the sense of community. Being around likeminded people who are generally driven to be the best version of themselves fulfilled me with a great sense of happiness and has kept me motivated to stay in shape.



How long have you been at Adaptation/FC Athletics?

I initially started at FC Athletics in August of 2013 – Dec 2016. After that, my family and I moved to California and then overseas for a few years before landing back here in June of 2021.



What improvements have you seen?

At this point, the improvements which I value are keeping my health markers stable. I can happily say that the programming at FC Athletics coupled with my day-to-day regime has kept me healthy not only physically but under the hood as well.


What’s your favorite workout or movements?

I enjoy deadlifts, cleans and running.



What are your least favorite workout or movements?

At the moment, anything which I can’t do, due to a nagging issue with my left knee. Lunges, box jumps, etc.



What are your goals?

As it relates to FC Athletics, I strive to be happy, healthy, injury-free and a joy for the coaches to have around. How does that transfer to the home life? Well I hope to set a great example for my family for a balanced, heathy approach to exercise.



What advice can you give to new people?

Be patient. If there are a few things you are struggling to learn, prioritize them, pick one to work on and focus on that skill/movement. Don’t try to learn/fix everything at once. STRECTH and MOBILITY. Don’t neglect to take the time outside of the gym to stretch and provide your body some TLC. It will pay dividends down the road. I wish I would’ve started taking care of my body sooner. Most importantly, LISTEN TO YOUR COACHES!



Which coach plays the best music?

This is a tough one.  If Curtis plays old school rap, it is hands down him. If not, Allan is my guy. Can we make Wu-Tang Wednesdays a thing?

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